About Us

Since 1932, for seven decades we are growing exponentially with the trust and perseverance. Over four generations, we have been overwhelmed serving our esteemed and prestigious clients. Our core is ethics through transparency.
Finding your perfect piece of diamond jewelry is an exhilarating and unique experience. As with any significant purchase, it is important that you make an educated decision. Cut and crafted with utmost care, we certify the diamonds with a certificate of authenticity, stating the Caratage, Color and Clarity of the stone, to enable you to know exactly what you are paying for. In fact we try to educate each and every person who walks in to the fullest of his satisfaction.
Our mastery in timeless temple jewelry and our expertise in crafting Victorian and antique jewelry helps us in moving ahead lifelong relationships. We shape ideas enriched with culture and tradition from across the world. Our designs know no boundaries. We offer customized designer jewelry from a professional jewelry designer. Kolhapuri Saaj Thusi & Tanmani is our maiden art.
Our selection process is state-of-the-art; each gem passes a very unique grading methodology. Every stone and every piece of jewelry is accompanied by a Jewelry Authenticity Report assuring the client of the genuineness of the stone and the gold content. Our passion to give our customers better than the best, keep us above and beyond any other jeweler. We also have our own expertise in precious stone & or astrological stone studded jewelry